Business owners may be in a position where a liquidity event is expected, but not necessarily in the near term, making the next period – whether that be months or several years – a critically-important one to optimally prepare the business for a transaction. Trek Partners is ideally positioned to provide valuable insights and preparation to help business owners plan strategically, maximize interest, and hopefully add value when the time is right to pursue a transaction.

As experienced investment bankers, Trek Partners will make preliminary assessments of value, market readiness and positioning, and generate a list of prospective investors, and in certain cases, potential acquisition targets.  Following these preliminary assessments, Trek Partners will prepare draft marketing materials and a data room, which will be kept current until the time is right for the business and its owners to engage in a transaction process.  The resulting transaction process is well-planned, able to be executed on demand, and can often be more efficient, less expensive, and less disruptive to the business compared to a more traditional process.

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